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As you may have expected, I got my camera. I love it. It's my new best friend. I take pictures of everything. I'll share some here! Sorry they are all square. I'm stealing the links from my instagram thingy. I haven't much edited things on my laptop. I can transfer the images to my phone and edit from there. Not in raw, mind you. So I probably will eventually edit these on a computer and see what happens. I love the editing part of photography just as much as taking the pictures. It's all so much fun for me.

Bing-Bing is happy when he's on me.

A road. Sorry. I had no epic landscape and amazing light. Couldn't let it go to waste.

Pansy plants! First image taken with my E-P5. I forgot to set in in raw. So the exposure was a bit off. But alas..

Little B learning to like me. ;.; Or trust me.

Anyway. I've taken a lot more. But I don't edit them all right away because I'm lazy.

Have a good one, folks.

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I am not so sure I like the 'new' Livejournal. It seems unorganized to me and I see a lot of crap I don't really want to. My main page today was filled with celebrity news and other biased news feed garbage. I'd rather they just show me my Friend's Page and skip all that crap. I don't come here for news. I come here for friends!

Anyway.. I did it.. The other day I finally pressed the 'Purchase' button on my Olympus E-P5. It'll be here on Thursday. The wait is tremendously hard. :I I should have paid the extra 50 for 2-3 day shipping. I'd have it already! So I'm currently doing some research before work (in which will be so slow I might research some more) on which adaptor and lenses work best on Olympus PEN models. I'm clueless. But I'd like to learn. I really really really want a macro lens. I'll wait a good while before purchasing a new lens. This 17mm will be great. I'm so used to a 50mm. But if I can get a ring to convert it... I might still use my 50mm.. Anyone know anything about this?

As I ask the entore 2 people who actually read my livejournal. Haha. I love you guys. <3

Well.. I suppose I'm going to go to work now. I hope you all are doing grand. :)

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I've been bit by the photography bug harder than I ever have before. I've been completely submerging myself into photography again, and it feels so good. So right. I'm constantly looking at photography on my iPad and iPhone while at work.. And again at home. I've done this before, but I feel I'm at a point in life now where I can really begin to blossom. I'm going to be evolving as a photographer and a person. I'm going to give myself challenges and step out of my comfortable bubble. It'll be hard and uncomfortable.. And I wish I had a photog friend locally to come along with me from time to time.

Welp, it's finally time for an upgrade. Yep, that's right. I'm allowing myself to upgrade my camera. Finally! I've been researching for the last week or so basically non-stop for my perfect camera. Seriously. I've stopped to do yoga and sleep. The rest of my time has been spent researching. And.. Well.. I keep coming back to the Olympus PEN E-P5. I just utterly love this thing!!! Behold it's retro-looking beauty!:

(image not mine, obviously. I stole it from Google)

Ok. So.. I'm not completely sold on it yet. But so far it's my top choice. I always come back to it after doing some searching. I've had the last two days off and I've literally been sitting on my sofa Internetting and YouTubing. Today I'm comparing Fuji mirrorless to the PEN. Which has me curious:

Dear schmooo,
You said you were deciding between the Fujifilm and Leica. Maye I ask what Fuji had your interest? What did you like about it? Why did you choose the Leica? (besides the obvious!) Any helpful information on your photog and camera knowledge are very welcome. I'll even pay you in virtual high-fives. I'd harass you on IM but I forgot what we used to IM on. D: I fail..

Anyway, moving on.. I think I may also [eventually] get a Leica film camera, and maybe a Fujifilm INSTAX 210 instant camera soon after this big digital upgrade. I've only played with film a couple times in my life. It was fun and challenging. I'm not so much worried about the cost of film. I wont be exclusively shooting in film. I'll just have the options for those extra epic shots. ;D But I don't see how anyone can't benefit from film..

Photo post

Why not a photo post? I don't take my dSLR out anymore. But I think tomorrow I am going to try and break that. For now some photos off my phone, yeah? Let's try not to mess this up. I haven't posted an image here for ages.

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Ahhhhh~ Bet you thought I was going to forget about this place. No. Not so much. I just never turn on my computer! I've been reading a lot. Which reminds me, if anyone here uses goodreads? We should be friends.

Anyway. Not much happening on my life lately. Internal struggle to find out who I am and what's going on.. Still saving to get my RV and live in it full-time.. I'm obsessed with plants and have a bjillion.. Dogs are still cute and my job is still amazing. I still miss photography but yet have not touched my camera. I use my iPhone a lot tho.

:) I'll check back soon and make a bit of a better post. I'm a bit rushed right now..!



.. I told you I was going to try and start using this journal again!

I don't much touch my PC, as I had mentioned before. So I want to try and turn it on once a week to get here and write. Today I'm online so I can try to find information on making my own clothes. I can't seem to force myself to like the 'styles' and trends that are out most of the time.. And trying to mix and match clothes from other years makes me look stupid, seeing as I have no fashion sense. ;.; So I need to attempt to make my own clothes. I'll certainly begin with pants (lounging sort) and shorts and probably long skirts. I know someday it'll be Summer again and I'll be able to wear dresses and skirts again..

Sigh.. I hate the Winter this year. I love snow. But we haven't got much snow. It's just been -25F the last few weeks with record breaking lows ever recorded. Fabulous. Just great.

Trav and I plan to have our RV by Fall. We will just need to decide if we want to move in and leave for the Winter or if we will wait until Fall of '15. Only reason we'd be staying is because we both have amazing jobs and LOVE them. I would like to be at it a bit longer before I leave. I wont, and Trav wont, land such amazing jobs with amazing people so easily again.

I miss photography. I really have been taking an epic amount of photos with my phone. But I miss the challenge of learning with my dSLR. I still only have ONE freakin' lens for it, though. So I'm never inspired. I always dream of what I could make a photo look like.. Then remember I have a 50mm. Pff. Great lens. but not what I want anymore these days. I think about photography almost constantly!

Welp, food time!

Actually using Livejournal.

I might start using this website. I miss it. I mean I would love to start using it... But I may forget. I don't much turn on the computer these days. I use my ipad and iphone for everything, basically...

I write in a moleskine journal more than I write on the computer. There's just something more real about it.. More personal. I feel like I can dump my soul into it. I could here, too! Well, at least some things. I often pop on here to take a gander at the dread-group. I never post, but I do lurk. Lurking is ok, too. I'm just pretty apprehensive about anything Internet related lately. We've even contemplated turning off the Internet. Save 50 bucks a month doing that and just using the apartment's 'Internet'.

Anyway. Hope to hear from me soon. ;D

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What have I been up to? Nothing that interesting.

My time has basically gone to learning 3d art programs, working, looking for more work, and training/walking dogs. I haven't even touched my dSLR in a few months. :( I basically have take up the portible stiffer challenge of iPhoneography. Mainly because it's always on me (my iphone). I rarely don't have it on me. But I rarely leave the house except to go to work. So I hardly shoot anything worth a shit. The new iPhone 4S is certainly going to be mine. They updated the camera and I use it too much more to update. It's exciting. I'll be selling my MINT CONDITION iPhone 4 (AT&T) if anyone on my friends list is interested: Let me know!

I'm also selling:
- Wacom Intuous 2 with stylus pen, mouse, nubs, and fingergrips
- 32" Westinghouse flatscreen Television.
- 30" ... Some other kind of flatscreen. (I'll have to look at the brand)
- A hacked Wii. (plays burned games)

So if you or any of your friends are wanting these things. Let me know either here, AIM or email. :)

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Oh hey look, I'm alive. :) There's so many social media things happening right now I am kinda spread thin to be honest. I always forget about LJ though LJ was my 'first'. Sad, but true.

I've been trying to find time between working, searching for another job, and cleaning up the place dayly for photography and art. Art for the commissions and photography for my sanity.


Photography yay!

I am recently addicted to iphonography. It all started with Hipstamatic. Take 100 shots within a few days of silly things I would usually never shoot. Then I found Instagram.. It doesn't have as much customizable things as Hipstamatic.. but the community is wild. So many people use the app. And it's just a blast to watch your friends and see what they have to upload. As well as getting favorites and feedback yourself. :) It always allows you to x-post through Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Foursquare, and 2-3 other different sites as well. (If you so choose)

I digress.. I'm ranting.. I can't help it. I'm so stressed out from lack of work right now.

Anyhoo.. Here's an update. I live. :) Bye guys.

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Ahhhhh, Holidays.

Where working anywhere in public makes you want to stab people in the eye. <3

Anyhoo.. Just wanted to wish my friends, and those strangers who watch me here, a Merry Christmas and a safe New Years. :) I've been too busy to even think about photography. It's a bummer. But I'll be free soon enough. I am sorry for having no picture to share this time around. Luckily not many follow me here.. Less to disappoint.

I've taken up drawing again. A littler more seriously than before. So we'll hope I drop some art on dA under my drawing account.

Oh. And for those of you who use twitter.. Drop me a note or comment here. I'd love to add you!
I've used twitter since the site opened in.. 2004.. Or 2007.. Or whenever. I signed up with the name @yourmom cause I didn't know what else to use at the time.. Back then no one used the damn thing and I thought it was going nowhere.. Now the last year or so it's been exploding. Everyone uses twitter! It's like Facebook without all the bullshit and games! :D So since I made about 500 friends on Twitter with the name @yourmom.. I decided to make a more 'private' account for me myself and I.. Friends.. Not a million strangers. Now.. I wouldn't mind a few strangers. :) But we could totally become friends. Like I said.. Drop a note or comment here. We'll work it out to be twitter friends. :D I digress...

I'm currently selling some stuff, too..

- An iPhone 2G (with the metal back)
- An iPhone 3Gs (black) In very nice condition.
- An Intous4. Used once. Still in box. Mint.

If you are interested, let me know. I'm still thinking about selling my iPhone 4. Mint, case, 2 year applecare, jailbroken, etc.. But it's still a toss up. I don't have AT&T anymore. t-mobile sucks here.. So it's just, to me, an overpriced ipod touch. ;)